Once Upon a Time…there were some kick-ass women


I am obsessed with the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ and have been ever since episode one captured my heart with its sassy lead heroine who drove the coolest car I could ever wish for (seriously this car is top of my lust list). As much as I have loved Emma (and her car), Regina has proven an even more interesting character with her constant struggle to do what’s right. Meanwhile Mary Margaret has re-established my faith in Snow White as someone who does more than mend socks for the seven dwarves.

These three female leads have far more complex storylines than their male companions. Even though Mary Margaret and David both decide to steal Maleficient’s child; one gets a sense that David would have been far too much of a wuss to actually proceed off his own bat. Snow White is definitely the driving force in that relationship. In fact, I’m sorry to say it, but I’ve always found Prince Charming to be a bit of a wet blanket. Good looking yes but not very exciting. The kind of vanilla character you might find lovable as a pre-teen but who pales in comparison to more exciting figures like Hook.

Though speaking of Hook I’ve found him a little bit boring now that his erstwhile wicked side has disappeared…do I have some sort of soft spot for the bad boy? Possibly but it’s just a little bit more fun to watch characters face moral dilemmas and be tempted towards the dark side. That’s why Regina is the most interesting to watch. You get the sense that she constantly has to be vigilant and guard against falling back on her old ways to get what she wants.

I have yet to watch Season 5 (for some reason my Sky Plus kept missing the re-runs) but I admit I have read a little ahead and so I know that Robin Hood meets his untimely end in a clash with Hades. Can I just be completely honest and admit here that I’m a tiny bit glad? Sure he is Regina’s true love (apparently) but I always thought him a little too underwhelming for this strong woman. She is powerful and full of strength whereas he has always come across just a little bit whiney. Take for instance when he finds out about Zelena’s deception in New York. He can’t even come to a decision about what to do next; it is ultimately Regina who brings the tattered group back to Storeybrooke and finds her sister some less than salubrious accommodation for the remainder of her pregnancy. I like Sean Maguire and was delighted when he arrived in Once Upon a Time but I do feel his character could have been written a little better, a little more deserving of a woman as powerful as Regina. Maguire would have been more than capable of playing a more fiery version of Robin; perhaps a version who would have defeated Hades instead of meeting his end.

I am looking forward to introducing my daughter to these fabulous women when she is a little older. I am glad that, for her, these fairytale characters do more than just sit around waiting to be rescued. Not only do they rescue themselves from danger but quite often they rescue the men-folk as well. I look forward to watching their adventures for many years to come.



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